15 June 2008


After watching Pittsburgher Rocco Mediate almost win the US Open today, until Tiger Woods tied him with a birdie on the last hole to send it to an 18 hole playoff tomorrow, I'm thinking about golf today. I have previously mentioned a little golf here, though I don't think I revealed the depths of my love of the game. It goes pretty far back. I remember watching golf on tv, willingly, as early as high school, but it could have easily happened before that. Some time in 1991 or 1992 I happened upon a book called Driving the Green and the obsession really got going. It is, as David Halberstam said, "A wonderful account of two of our great national sports, playing golf and wheeling and dealing in commercial real estate." For many years I read that book every year, and I rarely read books more than once (unless they are written by Jane Austen). It wasn't the only book on golf I have read, just the first of many.

The interesting thing is I have never swung a club on a real course. I have walked courses, been to tournaments, and I've played miniature golf (usually very badly) but never real clubs on an 18 hole course. Mini golf is one of the few things, along with pool, that I enjoy immensely in spite of my dismal skills.

I once had a friend call me while he was at St Andrews, waiting for his tee time on the Old Course, because he knew I would understand and share his joy. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

Last year the Open was here in Pittsburgh. My brother, who was working at the tournament, stayed with us and brought Oliver a set of little plastic clubs, ones he still plays with despite some serious duct tape reinforcing. I hear my five year old neighbor is taking lessons. I am going to have to investigate when Oliver can start.

My mom picked up golf in her early 70s so I suppose there is still time.


Allison Says said...

You should take lessons!

Both of grandparents play golf. In fact, they now live in a "golf community" in Florida. My Grandfather plays close to every day and absolutely adores it. That's great that your mom is playing!

See you soon :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Golf confounds me, but I love me some Put-Put!

Karen said...

My niece and nephews are up and coming golfers. My niece was invited to play at the national First Tee tournament last summer, and when my 7 year old nephew is at the driving range the place stops to watch him he's that good.

I can't hit with any kind of accuracy, but have a good time trying. I'd love to go play a round sometime but Sam refuses to take me.