20 June 2008

be a smart ass, without even trying

Actual conversation, just moments ago, after CD changed the channel on the tv. A movie is clearly starting, complete with opening credits.

Me: What's this?

CD: A film.

This must be why my husband sits about six feet away from me on the couch. If he sat any closer I would have to smack him.


Susan said...

Who said men don't learn their lesson?! :)

Suzy said...

Remember when you wished he would answer your questions? He has come so far.

Kim said...

Once again, my sister Suzy makes an excellent point.

Tara said...

I'm trying to decide which is funnier - the conversation, or Suzy's point! I think Suzy wins, but only by a hair :-)

Kim said...

Yeah, Suzy wins.