29 June 2008

sonday at the movies?

This is for all of you who have seen WallE. Should I take Oliver? He likes movies, especially the ones from Pixar. Come to think of it, he hasn't seen one that Uncle Steve hasn't had a hand in. Cars, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Curious George...okay, there's ONE non-Pixar movie on his list, but you get the idea. His attention span is definitely there. This is a kid who can sit through an entire 9 inning baseball game.

But what about the movies? I had a bad experience taking a kid to a movie theater once. I was living in Walla Walla and the kid was 6 or so. His parents failed to mention he had only seen animated movies and this one was live action (The Indian In the Cupboard). Kid lasted about 4 minutes before asking to leave. He was completely freaked out. 

So, if you've seen WallE, please tell me what you think about attempting it with a 3 year old.


Unknown said...

As I said over Twitter, when I saw it I was with a 3 and 4 year old (birthday's almost coming up). They both beheaved beautifully throughout it.

But...it may not be the most young child friendly movie. Not much dialogue, kinda slow (to a kid) at times. If he can sit through a baseball game, though? You're probably fine! And you can always leave if he acts up, and rent it when he's older :)

Suzy said...

We stood in the line, does that count? We decided if we waited, the movie would have started before we purchased our tickets. We will try again.

Matt said...

Wait a year. We took Dunc, and he enjoyed it (to the point of even lasting all the way through it), but there are a few scary parts (guns, explosions, etc.) and in terms of the narrative I don't think Oliver will get as much out of it for a bit. Your mileage may vary, etc.

It is a great flick, though.