27 June 2008

fantastic fare

After Monday, when I kind of lost my mind, it really wasn't a bad week. Each night, after Monday, it was pretty easy to get home, get dinner on the table, play with kids, and put them to bed. It was remarkably low stress. How? A Fare to Remember at Home. The owner, Jeanne Lewis, is nothing short of a miracle worker. I first met her in February of 2003. Cyrus had just proposed and we wanted to get married fairly quickly, probably that May or thereabouts. Jeanne had catered Tara's wedding and she raved about the results. We didn't know Tara at the time of her wedding so we didn't have first hand experience but knew to trust Tara.

We let Jeanne choose our wedding date. She had exactly one opening in the time frame we wanted, so we jumped at it and made everything else fit. Our results were equally good. People took pictures of our food, and still talk about it. My dream party includes hiring Jeanne again. Someday....

So fast forward a few years and Tara yet again tells me about what Jeanne is up to. Now she's making food to take home and pass off as your own creation heat. Tara aimed me at some discounted gift certificates and I was sold. The shop is a bit out of the way but I was in the vicinity last Saturday so I stopped by, arriving moments before they closed, and picked up a few entrees and a couple of sides. Alas, Jeanne was off catering some very lucky couple's wedding so I didn't get to see her.

Once again, Jeanne did not disappoint. The food is amazing, easy to prepare, and even easier to clean up. We didn't have it every night this week but just knowing it is there, waiting patiently in my freezer, made me relax a little. It is simple to prepare so I had the nanny get things started and it was all nearly ready when I got home. We had meatloaf on Wednesday (and I added the leftovers to tomato sauce for pasta on Thursday) and Lemon Chicken tonight. I was worried the kids might not go along but they ate it without much protest. No more than the usual from Oliver, anyway.

As long as I plan things in advance, I can do one or two of these meals a week and not go entirely bankrupt. It's well worth the cost to be playing with kids and not fretting about dinner.


Wineplz said...

We've got a place like that near us...you go and prep the food and bring it home, or pay a little more and they prep it for you. You're reminding me that I need to get down there and do it again...because you're sooo right, it's totally worth that little bit of extra time with the kids and not fret over dinner. :)

ClumberKim said...

I used to go to Super Suppers but ended up not liking some of their ingredients. A little too processed, not really "from scratch". This place's food is in a whole other league (and a very different price point). I wouldn't do it if I hadn't been able to get $50 gift certificate for $15!

Unknown said...

Sounds pretty great!

My grandparents actually use something like that. There are these little old women in their community that put together meals that you just heat and serve. They will have the sauce in one bag, the noodles in another, etc. It's all healthy and fresh stuff, but definitely very pricey. They do it about once a week.

I hope it helps ease some of the stress, though!