19 June 2008

see you in 5 years

The short version of the colonoscopy is that all is well, see you in five years. The only slightly longer version is that the day before is the worst part. The neighbor doc and I discussed alternatives to the preparation I was given and decided I would get something else next time, even if insurance won't pay for it. Unfortunately, I had lots of time yesterday to poke around on the internets and discover there are more pleasant ways to make my colon bright and shiny for its closeup. (Thanks Suzy!) If you want to know more, contact me by email (clumber at gmail dot com). 

The only issue now is that I can't stay awake. Ordinarily that would not be a problem but my new office called to ask me to send a bio and headshot. I can't seem to get iPhoto to crop anything and leave the resolution mostly intact. And I cannot turn my resume into a bio that doesn't sound like something straight out of high school. I need to go back to sleep!


Karen said...

Glad you're home again and won't need seen for 5 years.

I can vouch that the doctors don't get any more pleasure out of that than you do. Hubby hates those days.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

my mom always showed off the pics of her insides from colonoscopies. She was all, 'look at the inside of my colon!'. Luckily, she hasn't had to have one in a while.