22 June 2008

T minus 9 hours

I'm supposed to be in bed by now. My grand plan involved, among other things, going to bed at 10pm so getting up at 6am would be less painful. Since it is nearly 11pm, you can see how the plan's execution is coming along.

We have made a few strides towards preventing the family from spinning into chaos tomorrow when I go back to work.  There's a checklist of stuff that has to be done in the morning. I'll check off what I get done before I leave for the bus and CD will have to take care of the rest, possibly leaving one or two items for the nanny (brushing Eleanor's teeth, for example). 

There's also a plan for dinner all week, and with the exception of a vet appointment for Penguin, nothing extra on the calendar, so far. Finally, I have some clothes planned for the week, though not necessarily coordinated with the weather forecast. There will be choices, but in a good way. After some fairly extensive, not to mention expensive, shopping trips last week, I will not look in the closet and say I haven't anything to wear. Shoes were last, solved somewhat today. Since having babies, my feet have expanded. Most of my favorite shoes will have to be donated or given away. Sad, but time to move on, in that and many other ways.


Jenn said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will go smoothly.

Unknown said...

Oh, I hope your first day back went well!

And the expanding foot thing is not fun. I really miss all of my shoes.