03 June 2008

my kingdom for a couple of toothpicks

Need something to prop my eyelids open. Too.much.hockey. Way.too.late.

Maybe bring a really big box of toothpicks, for the whole city. We're tired, but it's a very good kind of tired.

Eleanor didn't wake up to nurse this morning, probably sensing her mum didn't really need to be up at 4:30am after staying up to watch the game and all three overtime periods. I am not allowing myself to wonder, even a little bit, if we are done nursing. It does give me hope that the end will perhaps be her idea though. That would make it easier.


Tranny Head said...

I'm starting to contemplate The Weaning myself. Now that's the only step I've gone TOWARDS weaning, but hey, it's a start.

Sumo has 1 year. After that, The Weaning shall commence. Otherwise I swear I think he'd be happy to breastfeed until he goes to college.

Irene said...

Sad, but I didn't stay up to watch the Pens. And I am so bummed I didn't!

But also, yes, if your little one weans on her own, it would be so much easier! I always took the stance of not offering, but not refusing. And I was surprised that often my little ones didn't care if they nursed or not! But I didn't start considering weaning until about 18 months. At this time they usually only nursed in the morning and before bed so I didn't mind keeping it up anyway.