10 June 2008

rehashing reunion

The good:  Catching up with so many friends, talking with a few I did not know well while I was a student, just being in Williamstown. Oliver latched on to a few great kids and had an absolute blast. At one point he told me he wanted to go to school there too. Ah, my work was done! Also good was having Clare along. She's amazing and we are so lucky to know her. The long drives were made shorter by having her to chat with. I was initially worried about the cost but now I think we underpaid her. 

The bad:  Not much, really. The weather was hot and humid on Saturday and Sunday. I could have done without that. Due to a power outage, I took a shower in the dark on Saturday before dinner. But I was in Williamstown and can overlook at lot when I am there. 

The ugly:  CD had a nightmare trip from Madison, and getting out wasn't much better. Due to weather, the delays out of Madison were so bad he finally drove to Chicago. Once there, he had more delays. His flight did take off, but returned to O'Hare due to a radar problem. Scheduled to arrive in Albany at 7pm on Friday, he arrived at 11am on Saturday. He got 3 hours of sleep Friday night. After 21 hours in Williamstown, he was delayed out of Albany on Sunday. Then had to sit at least 2 hours on the tarmac before taking off. He barely made his changed connection at O'Hare but did get to San Francisco Sunday evening for WWDC. In an effort to recognize his heroic efforts, a friend is helping me have some tasty chocolate delivered to his hotel tomorrow. (I hope he doesn't decide to read this before then!)


Tranny Head said...

Wait, I'm confused - Williamstown, Mass?

Kim said...

Yep, that's the one!