23 June 2008

back in the saddle, not sure it fits

So I survived my first day back at work. It was a little grim in spots but should improve.

The even more grim part is that I barely saw my kids today. I had a whole hour with Oliver and half that with Eleanor this morning. When we got home I had to get dinner on the table while CD had a conference call. After they ate, the kids played with CD while I cleaned up their dinner, made our dinner, started laundry, put out the trash and recycling, fed the dogs, and poop scooped the yard. Then it was time for them to go to bed.

I'm not going to keep them up later so I can see more of them. They need their sleep and that's not the answer to this problem.


Unknown said...

:( Sorry you didn't get to spend much time with the kids...hopefully it will somehow get better?

Susan said...

That's pretty typical, at least in my house -- minus the poop-scooping. That would be weird since I don't have a dog. But it does get easier as you get more into a routine (or plan things like dinner a little differently) and as the kids are able to stay up a little later. It's a jam packed 2+ hours, though. No doubt.

Jenn said...

Yeah, it's a hard transition. We get a lot packed into the little time we have and I find story time to be very beneficial.