25 June 2008


No, I only dream of being considered svelte. It's the word for Penguin this time. She had her annual checkup today and has lost 13 pounds in the last six months. All those frozen green beans I've been using to fill up her bowl have paid off. At her age (10), getting rid of the extra pounds was important, as well as challenging. The vet was very impressed, and with the exception of some vision loss, declared her to be in great shape.

Then came the very sad news that her sire passed away today. He was a monument in the breed, the only three time best of breed winner at the national specialty, sire of many champions, I could go on and on. His outline was as close to being a living picture of the breed standard as I've ever seen but to me, the best thing about him was his temperament. It was exactly what I want in my next dog, and utterly impossible to put into words. You had to have met him. I'm so sad for his owners, and sad to be reminded that his daughter will not be with us forever either.


Karen said...

Yeah for weight loss! But why frozen beans?

ClumberKim said...

They make the bowl seem full without a lot of calories and also add some crunch. Pretty cheap too.

Jenn said...

Congratulations! Libby had to lose 30 pounds a few years ago, I know how hard it is to "help" them. She looked at me every day like I was killing her.