14 June 2008

widow no more

I've been referring to myself as a WWDC widow this week. No more. CD is home. He took the bus in from the airport and I fetched him at the stop rather than making him board a second bus that would take him steps from our street. The pouring rain made the decision easier.

I took Eleanor with me on the pickup run, but left Oliver at a neighbor's birthday party. He spotted our van when it rounded the corner coming back and was positively vibrating when he spotted Daddy. He had been wound up for days and I was hoping for a release of energy that would calm him down. Forgot I was dealing with a three year old. When will I learn?

No more travel, that we know of anyway, until late July, when we all fly to Boston before going on separately. Him to Dublin. The kids and me to Maine. I get to be the ietf widow that week. That doesn't mean the next few weeks aren't going to be interesting. 

On tap for this week:  Nanny starts on Tuesday and I have a colonoscopy on Thursday. (I know you all are soooo jealous about that one.) And the week after, I start working on Monday. I hope somewhere in there we will figure out how this is all going to work. I've been carrying the load at home, and happy to do it, for the last year and a half. I know I can't do all that and work full-time too. 

Wish us luck. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Allison Says said...

Good luck! I bet you'll surprise yourself with how much you can do, even when you are working full time.

Glad the Husband is home! Must be nice to have him back after so long!