04 June 2008

follow the yellow brick road, but which one?

Thanks to the burgh moms, I have a bunch of new, local readers. I am going to take advantage of that by asking for some advice.

I'm getting up close and personal with google maps today, trying to determine the best route to my college reunion. We leave at 0-dark-thirty tomorrow morning and hope to get there in time for a relaxed dinner before the kids' bedtime. It's a long ass drive, no matter how you slice it, but there are two choices from the burgh to Billsville.

I can head towards Kitanning, take I-80, then 81, 84, and 87, thus saving 9 minutes and avoiding New Jersey but driving on 80 for what feels like an eternity; OR I can take the PA Turnpike, then 81, 78, 287, and 87. The latter is the route we took to central Massachusetts last summer. We saw lots of accidents, went through NYC (GW Bridge even) at rush hour in a thunderstorm and it took 12 hours, but Eleanor was only 8 weeks old and we had to stop frequently.

[I'm all set once I find 87 or the Taconic Parkway. I am consulting an alternate team of experts for that question.]

So, burghers and others what do you think? That's what the comment thingy is for.


david santos said...

Hello, Kim!
I loved this post and this blog.
Happy week.

Tranny Head said...

I can't help you out there, man - sorry!

Susie said...

My first rule of driving is to avoid NYC/GW Bridge when at all possible. I have done the I-80 route many times (when I lived in PA) and it is much more reliable than anything that approaches NYC.

Kim said...

I think you are probably right, Susie. Thanks!

Susan said...

Having made the trek across both 76 and 80 to NJ numerous times, I'd take 80 to start. Sure, it's long, tedious and long and tedious. But the turnpike is so twisty and there's no shoulder, so everything feels claustrophobic. And it doesn't make me feel good driving through the tunnels seeing large chunks of tile missing from the walls. Just sayin'.

Oh, and 80 isn't a toll road, at least I don't think it is. I haven't been on it in a few years.

Allison Says said...

I'm with Susie and Susan :) Take 80...it's a long haul, sure, but it's easy and reliable!

I have done the drive from here to western MA about a dozen times, and a few extra times all the way to Boston, and always did 80. It was fine.

I always enjoyed taking 28 up to 80. It's a longer drive, but you go through cute towns and it's very pretty :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'm useless when it comes to directions, but can I just say that the first comment cracked me up? That is NOT how you generate traffic for your sight, dork!

Tara said...

When we drive to NYC we take 80. Try to avoide the turnpike like the plague, unless we're going to someplace in southern PA where it is more of a direct shot. 80 SEEMS like forever, but one accident on the 'pike and it IS forever. Plus, NYC with two toddlers? Um, have you lost ALL of your marbles?