29 August 2007


Doesn't everyone take the month of August off?

Back soon with posts on everything from being unemployed to traveling with children to WORMS!!!! And maybe a bit, just a bit, about my recent conversion to stay-at-home momhood, and the fact that we still don't know if this is a temporary or permanent condition.

01 August 2007

it's that time again

Yep, it's world breastfeeding week. We've been lucky this time around and as a result, breastfeeding posts have been few and far between. Mercifully, perhaps. Eleanor and I have our ups and downs, of course, but in general it has been pretty smooth sailing. No supplementation has been necessary. If you're a new reader, that's a big deal. I'm BFAR (breastfeeding after reduction surgery) and though I nursed Oliver until just past his first birthday, it was not at all easy. It's not easy if you haven't had surgery, but BFAR presents special challenges.

So in honor of world breastfeeding week, I offer encouragement to all the breastfeeding moms (and their partners) out there. That's a great thing you're doing.


Last night I made crispy pork milanese for dinner. I cut Oliver's into bite-sized pieces and told him it was chicken nuggets. He ate.it.all. Never have I been able to get pork past his lips. But now, oh my, the guilt. I lied to him. Can he ever trust me again? Last week we told him asparagus was green beans and he ate those too. (Wouldn't touch the salmon though.) What will his evil, lying parents think of next?

On the radio I heard someone say they were still in their thirties. They were "thirty sixteen". How does "thirty eleven" sound? Not exactly a lie. Can't I just say I'm testing Oliver's math skills?