01 August 2007


Last night I made crispy pork milanese for dinner. I cut Oliver's into bite-sized pieces and told him it was chicken nuggets. He ate.it.all. Never have I been able to get pork past his lips. But now, oh my, the guilt. I lied to him. Can he ever trust me again? Last week we told him asparagus was green beans and he ate those too. (Wouldn't touch the salmon though.) What will his evil, lying parents think of next?

On the radio I heard someone say they were still in their thirties. They were "thirty sixteen". How does "thirty eleven" sound? Not exactly a lie. Can't I just say I'm testing Oliver's math skills?

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Jenn said...

My brother wouldn't eat spinach until my mom called it Zebra Grass. Then it was delicious. By the time the ruse is revealed, they love the food too much to be upset.