29 July 2007

what's in a name?

I'm a little surprised no one has asked about the new name for this blog, and I debated keeping quiet, letting all of you (and Google) solve it on your own. Here's a hint: It was my second choice. Somebody beat me to "Zooglobble".

Blame it on Oliver.


Jenn said...

Nobody understands me! Eliza loves this CD -- I loaded it onto the iPod, and she belts the songs out. She isn't a big fan of that particular one, for some reason "Pig Island" is one of her favorites.

Kim said...

Correctamundo! The song is not Oliver's favorite on this CD (toss-up between the Dinosaurs and the Chickens, or maybe BusyBusyBusy) but he has started insisting we listen to it between the cows and chickens. He's only starting to warm up to Pig Island. Daddy hasn't made him watch enough Star Trek Enterprise yet.