04 July 2007

it's the shiniest of the shiny things

When last we met our intrepid blogger was doing a bit of virtual drooling over the iPhone. Virtual no more. I've spent the last not quite three days drooling on it for real. Even though I can't send mail to anyone but CD yet (he is working on that - the perils of having your own mail server) it's still the greatest thing since sliced bread and frankly, it blows sliced bread completely out of the water.

Procurement and setup were dead easy. I walked into my local Apple store Sunday afternoon and walked out with iPhone about 10 minutes later. Once we got home, after a detour to Pottery Barn (white sale! rugs! bathroom light fixtures!), setup took maybe 5 minutes.

A small shortcoming, hopefully short-lived, is that I can't view all of Oliver's favorite videos on YouTube. A small subset of YouTube videos are currently available for iPhone. It drove me crazy for an hour until I saw the report on the Apple support boards. I was doing YouTube searches on my MacBook and on my iPhone and the results were not the same. I thought I was losing my mind. I will be very happy when the full compliment of Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesame Street videos (meaning: those that are on my Oliver's Favorites playlist) are available.

Otherwise, it's dreamy.

We figured out how to sync my Mulberry calendars. It takes a few more steps than I would like but that's a very small price to pay to have my calendar with me. It's going to take me a while to get my contacts list together since I have lots of information in far too many places, but that's a problem I can solve (just as soon as we get about 28 hours in a day). Not iPhone's fault.

Today's mission is to see if my iTrip will work with iPhone. iHope.

Update: No go on the iTrip, at least according to the Griffin website. I may try it anyway. And another small annoyance...ringtones. I can't add any. I've been forced to resort to "barking" for calls from CD. I used to have either the Liberty Bell March, which you will recognize as the Monty Python music, or God Save the Queen. I trust this will be fixed with an update soon.


syferium said...
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alan said...

Oooh, I want one.

Dumb recently-renewed contract with Verizon. And lack of money. And mediocre coverage in my neck of the woods.