24 June 2008

a little better

Today was significantly better at home. I got to play with the kids more before they went to bed. It seems like Monday is going to be the bad day. I could make it better by having dinner in the crock pot (assuming I replace the glass lid I broke) or something else that can be done ahead. Today I left a few tasks for the nanny, including putting a turkey tenderloin in the oven. It was done as we walked in the door and little else needed to be done (thank you, Trader Joe's frozen brown rice -- done in 3 minutes, the time it takes me to change out of work clothes). CD's conference call was cancelled so that made things easier too. He could play baseball with Oliver and I could let Eleanor wear herself out by walking up and down our street. They got to visit the neighbor's hatching chicks too. A beautiful day, a nice evening, and I'll be in bed before 11pm. 

Maybe, just maybe, I'm getting the hang of this.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

It gets better. Really. It's never quite perfect, but it does get better.

Allison Says said...

I'm glad it appears to be getting better. I'm sure it will continue to get better, too. Are you a casserole liking family? Those are really easy to put together on a weekend and freeze and then you could have the nanny throw it in the oven before you get home.

Good luck...I hope today is even better!

Kim said...

Good advice Allison! I cheated a little and got some food from http://www.fareathome.com/ (the owner catered our wedding, and I got a deal on gift certificates). Oliver isn't wild about food that's all mixed together, like a casserole, but some pasta dishes I can bake might fly.