11 June 2007

little babies are portable

Oakmont #12

Eleanor has now been to her first US Open. Maybe someday she will be a famous golfer and can tell people she had "lunch" when she was eight weeks old next to the fairway on number one during the first day of practice rounds in 2007.

I was a bit worried about taking her, though we had practiced long walks in the baby bjorn over the weekend. I was even more worried about breastfeeding at this kind of event. In both cases, my worry was unfounded. She slept until she got hungry and even then she was fairly quiet and not at all disruptive. We sat down under a tree, not far from where tee shots were landing in the first hole fairway and got comfortable. [I should note that "comfortable" is a relative term here. Sitting down is still a bit of a trial, and required a visit with the doc today.]

Oakmont looks fabulous and should be spectacular on TV this weekend, as long as the gorgeous weather continues. I have a Flickr set of a trip to the course last year, a very special walk around part of the back nine with club pro Bob Ford. It was a privilege just to meet Mr Ford. To walk the course and hear him talk about it was an amazing experience. He said it would look different with all the bleachers and towers and tents and he wasn't kidding, but even with all the apparatus it is quite a sight. I have a somewhat twisted love of golf courses, especially since I have never swung a club. Someday....

Eleanor went along on the aforementioned doctor visit this morning. We took the opportunity to weigh her. She's 13 pounds on the official scale. At the same age, Oliver was 11 pounds, 2 ounces. He got to 13 pounds when he was three months old. I try not to compare them but with things like this, where we have such precise records, it is inevitable. Eleanor has been reminding me that she is not her brother since the beginning of the pregnancy. I keep telling her I get the message but she doesn't trust me on that yet.

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