12 June 2007

mixed bag

There's always some bad news mixed in with the good.

Good news: Eleanor slept seven hours last night! (And I was asleep for FIVE of them! It was glorious.) I put her down at 10:15 and woke her up to nurse at 5:15. She went right back to sleep. The return to full swaddling, as well as big doses of fresh air, are good for her sleep. And for mine.

Bad news: As soon as I got back into bed at 5:30 Oliver woke up. He would not go back to sleep. What happened to my boy who slept until 7:30? I'd like him to come back now.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Oh, the days of balancing the sleeping habits of a toddler and new baby. Thank goodness it's only temporary.