26 June 2007

this blog is a toddler

Today is the second birthday of "three dogs and a baby". We are now one dog, one toddler and a baby, but it doesn't have nearly the same ring to it.

I hope we don't have the terrible twos here but it does feel like we're in the throws of toddlerhood. I have been trying to come up with a new name for this blog for longer than I care to admit and I am entirely indecisive about it, just like a toddler. (Milk? No milk. Water. Water? No water. Milk. Rinse, repeat.) I listen to song lyrics (mostly Elvis Costello) and often think I have heard a short phrase that might work. Usually someone has already used it or has an unintended meaning one could attach to it. I hope I am not saying the same thing around this time next year.

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