15 June 2007


The frozen milk stash currently stands at 45 ounces, up from a mere 13 before CD left eleven days ago (and light years ahead of the most I ever had with Oliver). That's an average of nearly three ounces added per day. I had hoped to freeze 4-5 ounces but the first few days really kicked my butt and I froze nothing. We will have to start using some of it when CD returns so it doesn't get too old.

We are going to Worcester next week for Tika's wedding. Aunt Suzy will be meeting us there to assist with the child wrangling. Depending on the weather, I will try to bring some frozen milk with me so Aunt Suzy can give Eleanor a bottle or two. I see a bit of wine or champagne in my future....

It may not sound like much to you, but to me those frozen milk sticks feel like a warm fuzzy security blanket.

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