02 June 2007

count UP to code brown?

This is one of those TMI posts, one that will surely embarrass my daughter someday and one that "non-breeders" should probably skip. Run along. Nothing to see here.

Eleanor is now at 96 hours without a poop. Tuesday night she had a rather spectacular one, but nothing since then. Yesterday I woke up thinking, "She will poop today. She couldn't possibly go this long without pooping." I spent the whole day prepared for a volcano of poop, or at the very least, a TAE. I went nowhere without extra clothes, diapers, and wipes. Today we just didn't go anywhere, and warned all who passed through our front door that "she could blow at any moment." Needless to say, none of our visitors were inclined to hold her.

She's perfectly happy and doing everything else she should. The doc says not to worry. Excuse me while I go down another handful of raisins. We're hoping for some sort of "trickle down" effect.

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