09 June 2007

calgon, take me away

Does anyone else remember those Calgon commercials? Screaming children, barking dogs, other noises -- until the bathroom door closes.... I know, I'm dating myself again.

Tonight was one of those times. Oliver had a melt down of epic proportions at bed time. My bruises should be gone by the time CD returns home. It came out of nowhere. We had a relatively good day, considering it was day six of no daddy and day two of no school, due to Friday being an in-service day. It was a wonderful no humidity, no clouds kind of day so we spent the morning walking to Squirrel Hill, about a mile each way. Eleanor slept in the baby bjorn and Oliver sang songs and waved at everyone. We all got some fresh air and I got some much needed exercise so it was all good. Oliver took a 2+ hour nap so the meltdown was a big surprise.

At the same time as the meltdown Eleanor was having a poop, also of epic proportions, since she had not pooped in over 122 hours, thus breaking her previous record from last week. I wish I had weighed her earlier in the day, after she fired a warning shot in the form of a skid mark, to let me know what was coming. She's up to 12 pounds, 13 ounces, which seems like a loss since last week. That was after the poop and in just a diaper. I had been weighing her clothed last week. I refuse to worry about it. She will go to the doc for her first round of shots in a little over a week so we will get a more official weight then. I can just observe the little fat rolls on her thighs until then.

The sleep problems got worse earlier in the week but did get better last night. On Wednesday night Eleanor nursed hourly, all bloody night. Last night she only got up twice. I can live with that. I'm starting to think anything more than three hours is a great night.

The support and encouragement from the west coast is just overwhelming. I think I hate iChat. Is there anything worse than a dangling, unanswered IM? (that's a rhetorical question) My mood will no doubt improve when WWDC is over. It would be slightly better if the SteveNote was webcast live and I could play bingo.

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Rebecca said...

I really feel for you with the pooping problems, and it sounds like you may be getting concerned with your daughter's weight. My oldest son once went almost a week without pooping and I finally cracked and made my husband take us to the ER. I still remember his jaw dropping since I had just served dinner when I decided I couldn't take it anymore. But it was my first baby and no one had told me that breast fed babies sometimes went for long periods of time without pooping. Naturally they didn't know what to do with us at West Penn and sent us home after an exhausting 4 hours or so. I think the next day he pooped. He's now 28 years old.

And my youngest son was somewhat underweight for his whole first year. The pediatrician fretted about it and got me very anxious. All that resulted in was me trying to force him to nurse more often - totally fruitless - and his probably becoming more underweight. You definitely can't force babies to eat. He's now 17 and a perfectly normal weight and size, and not obese like a lot of teens, thank goodness.

I would just nurse her as often as she wants and not worry about her weight or her poops; I'm sure she'll be just fine.