10 June 2007


It was a pretty good night. Eleanor had a bath and went to sleep around 9:45pm. She cried once about 15 minutes later but went right back to sleep. I didn't hear from her for about 5 hours. She nursed on one side only so I pumped the other, around 3am! She woke up again around 5:30. Nursing was interrupted by a very loud THUD from next door, as in Oliver's room, not the neighbors. He fell out of bed, only the second time since moving to the toddler bed in January.

When I went in to help him he was shaking, not something I have ever seen him do. When it became clear he wanted breakfast instead of more sleep it was also clear that Eleanor wanted the rest of her breakfast too. We all piled into the big bed. Eleanor finished nursing and Oliver got over his rude awakening.

We made another sojourn into Squirrel Hill, but only as far as Starbucks for a snack. We left later and it was warmer, and I was sweatier as a result. Oliver once again enjoyed seeing the dinosaur at the Children's Institute. Did I mention that yesterday? Today he sang his dinosaur song most of the way, when he wasn't yelling, "Dinosaur, where ARE you?" or singing "Happy Birthday" to the dinosaur (or sometimes to the sausages). He was happy to come home and shoot a few hoops. After spending the first few days concentrating on his dunk, he's now sinking them regularly from three or four feet away. When you are two, that qualifies as an outside shot.

They are both asleep so I'm going to go get a shower. It seems we are hitting our stride with this solo parenting stuff.

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