05 June 2007

yawn, yawn, yawn my sleepies out

The title of this post is taken from one of Oliver current favorite tunes, "Shake My Sillies Out". Raffi is not my favorite but I found "Shake" on iTunes so we have it and I'll oblige when he asks for it, which is nearly every day. It's so much cuter when he asks for "Baby Oooga" (Baby Beluga) though.

I'm doing lots of yawning now. There isn't much sleep happening for the grown up at our house just now. For the last two nights, Eleanor has been looking for that late night bottle with her dad and it hasn't been happening since he's in California, gearing up for WWDC. She has been generally fussy and wanting to nurse frequently from about 8:30pm onwards, until 11pm when she pulls up a stool at the milk bar and refuses to leave. We go to bed and keep switching sides until she crashes, about two hours later. It's hard to say if she's satisfied or just tired and giving up.

As a result of all this fun, I'm not pumping as much as I expected in the morning, I'm very sore, and I'm exhausted. My action plan includes going back on Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, the magic herbs when I was nursing Oliver. I took them by the handful about four times a day and they worked wonders. I started out taking them as soon as Eleanor and I came home from the hospital but after a week I had plenty of milk and stopped, noticing no decrease in my milk supply. Now, however, I think I need them.

I hope my body is able to adapt to the new schedule, and soon.

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