30 May 2007

you = me

I have been remiss in mentioning Oliver and how he is dealing with the moving to a new house/turning two/getting a sister transitions. In general, he's doing about as well as can be expected. I think being two is tough, whether you have a new baby sister or not. He's expressing his frustration by hitting most of the time, though we encourage him to "use your words" as often as possible.

There is one time when he has no trouble telling me exactly what he wants. Whenever Eleanor is nursing Oliver says, "Cuddle you?", which means "cuddle me." Of course, there isn't room on my lap for both children so I promise a cuddle as soon as I'm done. Sometimes he remembers or sticks around, sometimes not.

He is fascinated by the whole milk production thing too. He knows that "mama pump-a milk" and what the pump is but this morning he had me laughing so hard there were tears streaming down my face. He took the bottle with the pump attachment off the side table, lifted up his shirt and pretended milk was coming out of his bellybutton. Explanations that "mama makes milk, not Oliver" had no effect, especially once I started laughing.

This is only the second instance of real pretending at home. Over the weekend he started delivering cookies and milk, and the occasional banana, from the nightlight in Eleanor's room. Such a sweet boy to bring his mum snacks, even pretend ones, when she's feeding the baby!

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