10 May 2007

catching up

Just a few items to get readers caught up:

I lost almost 30 pounds in two weeks. I have hit a plateau now and (see below) will probably gain over the next few days. As of this morning though, I was 6 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Eleanor and I are off to the Clumber national specialty next week. Oliver and CD are the lucky ones, as they get to stay home. I'd rather spend a week at the dentist than make this trip. It should be fun but due to the various personalities on the board this year, it's going to be a bloody nightmare. Seeing good friends will help tremendously but I still have to get through the blasted board meeting. I probably should be happy that the nominating committee, dominated by one of the feuding factions, chose not to nominate me for next year. I feel badly for the nominees who have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Half of them, at least, have never attended a board meeting. Bon chance, I suppose.

We are surviving the week without CD. I enlisted the help of the nanny who works next door for evenings from about 6 to 8pm. It gives me some time without a baby attached to me, and some special time with Oliver. It's working out well.

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. CD rose to the occasion, sending roses and chocolate. I really should save some of the chocolate for him but that's not going to happen. I'll have to get him some before he gets home. I did send a card to his hotel. I hope it finds him.

No, I haven't found a job yet and no, our house isn't sold. And no, our renovations isn't quite finished. The list of remaining items is very, very short though. We are just waiting on a couple of towel bars and a hole in the kitchen counter for a soap dispenser. The half bath on the first floor needs our attention next. We're doing that ourselves.

That's just about everything. Now back to more regular blogging.

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