25 May 2007


These people are brilliant. I think I have a crush on them.

My former cleaners, who have yet to send back my key to the old house or a final bill, were icky. They blew through the house in less than an hour and while things smelled clean for about a day, I often found things they missed, like a bathroom. The first few weeks they rarely showed up when scheduled or did what was promised. It got a little better but customer service was severely lacking. Still, it was easier to keep them than look for replacements. Everyone I knew who liked their cleaners had fully-booked cleaners. I decided not to bring the icky company with me to the new house.

Then I read this article in the local paper. While I'm hardly an environmental militant, their pitch was attractive, especially given the wee (and furry) ones that inhabit the house.

Heather and Dan were here for nearly four hours yesterday. Four. Hours. The house is scary clean...I'm afraid to touch anything. They love my dog, who barked at them every time they made a sound. Now I just need a job so I can afford them. (They are very reasonably priced compared to icky cleaners. This house is bigger by about 450 square feet, yet they were not much more and did a better job by leaps and bounds. You want these people cleaning your house. And no, they are not giving me a discount for blogging about them.)

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Melissa said...

You are so lucky! I would kill for an eco-friendly cleaner (we use an eco-friendly pest control company). In fact, I would kill for a just a friendly cleaner! Our service has been a hassle for over a year, but like you, it's easier to keep them than train somebody new...