30 September 2008

is it bad if I can't feel my ass?

I hurt. Every square inch of me hurts. Okay, maybe one eyebrow feels normal, but the rest of me hurts. Like an idiot, I celebrated day one of twelve as a single parent by going to a spinning class at lunch time. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Weigh in at Weight Watchers, then go sweat. Holy shit, was I wrong.

After 15 minutes, I couldn't feel my ass. At all. I think if I could have done the standing stuff the butt would have felt better, but I thought I was going to fall every time I tried to stand. I had the resistance high enough, but the handlebars were so wobbly that I never felt stable, even in the saddle. I suppose the music was meant to be inspiring. I didn't recognize any of it, though I know that just screams, "You are old!"

For some reason, I thought the class was half an hour. I would be wrong about that. It was an hour. Here's my logic: The class is at lunch time, at work. Most people take an hour for lunch, and partaking of this activity involves walking to the class location, changing clothes, doing the class, removing the sweat and stink that has accumulated on one's body, then walking back to work. If the class is an hour, well, how does that work, so to speak?

I'll probably try it one more time but I am just a glutton for punishment.

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Trannyhead said...

Hehe. I bike every day with the Sumo and while I don't have some hawt instructor telling me to pedal faster, I DO drag an extra 50 lbs of weight behind my bike so I figure that ought to be worth something. Then again, when I finish MY bike ride I usually eat some chocolate. Because I'm crazy like that.