10 September 2008

a pin in my balloon

Those four poops in the potty yesterday? All you experienced parents, just stop laughing at me right.now. You know a case of the squirts when you hear about it. Me? Not so much. When he kept saying, "I'm not feeling well" every time we went to the potty I foolishly thought he was just learning to read his body's signals. Clearly not. He's really not feeling well.

Today Oliver came home from school with four bags of dirty clothes. I lost count of how many outfits the bags contained but there are at least three pairs of pants that are not ours.

Back at home, Bubba pooped all over the dining room. I got some more advice from a vet friend about what to try. We might finally get an IBD diagnosis.

And the end to a perfect day? Penguin barfed up a sock, one of mine, that had been gone since late Spring. Not at small sock either. Good times around here. Any bets on what's going to be expelled next, by whom, and from which end?


Jami Fitch - Cumberland County SWCD said...

When it rains it pours, eh?

redpenmama said...

hope your little guy feels better soon.

and what was that sock made of? I mean, socks get digested, don't they??

May your floors stay clean...


ClumberKim said...

The sock was a wool blend. It was entirely recognizable as one of my favorite socks. Liz Claiborne, I think, found at TJ Maxx last fall.

I suppose I should have censored that post a bit. None of the 'burgh moms are going to want to come to the house of poop and vomit now.