05 September 2008

standing up and sitting down

Two topics tonight. First and foremost, did you stand up to cancer today? There's a lot of folks I stand up for. For my dad, who died of leukemia when I was 16. For my best friend's mom, who also died of cancer. For Randy Pausch. That's just a few of the people I could mention. 

I had my mammogram yesterday. What have you done for yourself? For someone else? Get on it!!

And the sitting down part? That's Oliver, sitting on the potty! Remember, his teacher Miss Penny told us to leave the diapers at home when we brought him to school this week. On Tuesday, there were three bags of wet underwear and shorts. On Wednesday, there were two. On Thursday, just one. And today? NONE! 

Now this does not mean we are out of the woods, not by a long shot. We are still having issues with poop. There has yet to be a successful poop in the potty during this latest potty training, ahem, push. Maybe this weekend we will have a breakthrough. 

Eleanor's new word:  pig


Suzy said...

While money is important, there are other ways to help. Our Dad received donated platelets after every chemotherapy treatment. Usually multiple units. I donate platelets every two weeks. It is two hours very well spent. Donate blood or volunteer at a cancer center. Stand up in your own way.

ClumberKim said...

Suzy is right. She's been donating platelets every two weeks for as long as I can remember. There are MANY things you can do to stand up to cancer. It can be as simple as encouraging someone to get a screening test, or maybe driving them to their appointment. And get screened yourself so you are there for the people who need you.

And thanks for the reminder that I need to investigate donating platelets here. I can find two hours.

Wineplz said...

You are completely right...get yourself screened so that you are there for the people who need you. Getting screened isn't fun or comfortable, but it's a cakewalk compared to trying to treat the full-blown disease.