15 September 2008

it's just a fantasy, woah oh oh oh

So I'm dipping a toe in the fantasy football waters and damn if the water isn't FINE! After picking 10th out of 10 in the draft, I'm sitting pretty. Mine was the only team in the league to score over 100 points last week. I'm currently in 3rd place for total score, but there's still a whole quarter left in the Dallas - Philadelphia game (that I am not watching -- thanks Comcast and your fabulous customer dis-service!).

When it started I said I would make no roster moves. I'd live with what I picked. And there I was today, tweaking. Ditching a kicker, adding a wide receiver, debating whether T.J. Houshmandzadeh deserves a spot on such a stupendous roster, populated with more than a few guys I had never heard of. (Advice???)

Last week I told a friend, a die-hard FFB veteran, that if I was lucky enough (and I do mean lucky as I know I have no mad skillz) to win the league I would hang it up forever. Now that's public and there's no backing out. And here I am, totally addicted.

Of course, with this post I have now jinxed myself entirely, setting myself up for years of misery. Are you ready for some football? Bring it on.

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