17 September 2008

wordy wednesday

Eleanor's new words, all before 8am!: waffle, bubble, Boo Boo (a small blue gosling who likes to eat)

And a few more that happened after CD and I went out for the evening:  Poop! (an announcement of her mad multi-tasking skillz during dinner) and bath (a post-dinner activity)

Not to be outdone, Oliver had some words for us as we were leaving. He was having dinner so we said a quick goodbye and I told him to have fun. He said, "You guys have fun too!" (And don't let the door hit you on the way out, perhaps?) Oliver has never had a problem with separation so this wasn't much of a surprise. At his various day cares he has barely noticed when we leave, or has pushed us out the door so he can get to the real business of the day, playing with his friends and teachers.

Bacon Wednesday will be back next week.

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KG said...

Sumo's got lots of new words ... but they're all so odd. Like "Bottle" ... which sounds sort of like "bong" but apparently refers to my water bottle and not to his sippy cup. Or "baby" which sounds like "bahbah" which refers to every single person under the age of approximately 15.