07 September 2008

so close and yet

First let me say how incredibly proud of Oliver I am. The kid is doing incredibly well with the underwear. He has been dry in the morning five of the last six days. We had a weekend free of pee accidents, despite Eleanor being under the weather and pretty grumpy and my stepping up the reminders that thumb sucking should be happening only when it's dark outside.

It's the poop thing where it all falls apart. Oliver was SO CLOSE to pooping in the potty tonight. He didn't poop at all yesterday, which is troubling but not unusual. After dinner tonight he asked to go to the potty ("just pee, mum!") three times in  20 minutes. Not 1 minute after the third potty trip he ran to me saying that he pooped in his underpants. He was upset, but not devastated, and I reminded him that accidents happen, it's okay, etc. And also that if he'd stayed on the potty one more minute we wouldn't be having this trauma.

He just so darn close to having this challenge, ahem, behind him. And I am so close to having just one kid in diapers. He'll have to forgive me if I'm a little bit over-eager.

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Anonymous said...

It's a long process that potty training. You sound so much more patient that I was. It is awesome once one is out of diapers.

Bun has taken to wanting to sit on the potty. She has yet to put anything in it, but I figure it can't hurt!

rpm (red pen mama)