27 September 2008

hurry up and fall behind

I spent most of the day in a board meeting. As board meetings go, it was relatively painless, and it's been fun to get to know the other board members better. It's a group with which I had no prior experience at all.

I was so eager to do a little shopping before heading home that I left the meeting just a little too quickly. The result? Another hour in the car, driving back to the hotel to get my laptop, left in the meeting room. When I called the hotel upon returning home they sent me to the lost & found voicemail. After two hours of not getting a call back I called again. The operator said my message would be received and responded to on Monday. Um, no. Try again. Kudos to the operator who tracked down my laptop and made sure it would be at the front desk whenever I managed to get there. Excellent recovery on his part.

And just a few other random notes:

Eleanor took a three hour nap this afternoon. She has some new words:  pizza, "I'm sorry" and the names of a few of her friends and teachers, especially Ivy, Julia and Audra.

Oliver is having a rash of challenging behaviors. I hope he gets his act together before CD leaves this week. He will be gone 11 days and it will seem even longer if Oliver continues to throw books, hit everyone, scream, and generally act like a twit.

The Burgh Moms are coming tomorrow. Well, not all of them. Just a few. Hold me.

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