20 September 2008

Mamma Mio

In honor of CD's birthday tomorrow we went to Mio Kitchen for dinner. We have a long list of restaurants we need to try but when I looked at the growing list of 'burgh dining establishments on Open Table it was Mio that jumped out at me.

The meal was a wonderful blending of tastes and textures, beginning with an amuse bouche of cauliflower puree, smoked salmon, basil oil and chives. I went the bacon route, with a salad with blue cheese and bacon and a small portion of gnocchi with shrimp carbonara and (teeny tiny) peas. I had just a taste of CD's dark chocolate tart. Will get my own next time. He managed not to lick the plate but I think it may have crossed his mind.

I had a very tiny bottle of Rosa Regale, my new favorite cheap, goes-with-everything bubbly (thank you Andrea Immer). It was perfect -- a full flute plus a tiny bit more, or two smallish glasses. I love bubbles when the occasion is special, but champagne by the glass is always off-the-charts in restaurants.

All was well on the home front when we got home too.

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