08 September 2008

so many moments

There are so many small moments in my kids' lives that I want to capture and use to embarrass them later on keep forever. Yet I never have the video camera handy, and I have never watched any of the video we have already shot, except for a couple of little clips that CD loaded on our website. Not even the ultrasound videos that I'm not entirely sure I could locate quickly.

Another of those moments happened during dinner tonight. Eleanor has been playing with fake phones at school and here at home, but she decided to improvise. She held the half ear of corn she was eating up to her ear and said, "hi" over and over. If I recall correctly, the first glimmers of pretend play happened a bit later on for Oliver. Either that, or I wasn't terribly observant. (No need to answer that.)

I would say that I hope I never forget how unique my kids are, but there's no danger. They find ways to remind me every day.

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Unknown said...

I remember Oliver baking cookies in the heating vent in his room, and declaring how yummy they were. Seems to me he was in the ball park of Eleanor's age at the time. Regardless, it was incredibly cute :-)