13 September 2008

poop-free and dried

I am making an effort not to discuss any bodily emanations today. It's hard, but we're going to give it the college try.

Today was StoryWalk, and in many ways it was a lot like last year. It rained every few minutes, sometimes hard, and it was humid and sticky. Parking was much easier this year and the crowd seemed a bit less. The stories were great, also like last year. The difference is Oliver's attention span. We were there nearly 90 minutes this year, whereas last year I don't think we made it even 45. That means we heard more stories! He was really great about listening, and even thought about getting a book for Eleanor. He kept asking why she wasn't with us. I told him next year she would be the age he was last year and she could come too.

One story we didn't hear was Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies, but we bought it anyway and read it tonight at bedtime. Big hit! We also picked up Dear Zoo, mostly for Eleanor but Oliver wanted to read it too. I think in another day or two he will be "reading" it to her. His memory is really amazing. He's a month away from 3 1/2 and can tell you his address, his phone number, how to spell his name, and all the words to In the Night Kitchen. He is starting to spell all the street signs, and just about everything else he sees that has letters. I'm one proud mum.

Eleanor's new words:  balloon (she says "moon"), brother

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Unknown said...

Sounds like it was great. Maybe next year we'll make it, and hopefully the weather will be better than the stickiness of today.