28 September 2008

situation normal, all effed up

Eleanor is in week three of her cold. Now it's the coughing. Still with the running nose. I think she may need to see the doc. Sleep is what is really suffering, hers and ours. If her throat is sore it isn't due to the cold, but more likely all the screaming she is doing. Night time used to be so easy. A properly executed routine resulted in a snoozing child, one not heard from until morning, with the exception of the occasional very brief howl that did not require parental intervention. 

All that seems to be out the window. I hope it is just the cold and solving that will solve everything. If not, with CD leaving Tuesday, I'll be skipping BlogHer and just sleeping in the posh hotel for two days.

New words:  water, help (sounds a lot like "up") and one more I can't remember (see above)


Burgh Baby said...

I hate how quickly a lousy cold can ruin good sleeping habits. I hope she's better soon and that everything went well yesterday. Sorry I couldn't make it!

Unknown said...

Ugh. Poor Eleanor. I hope she feels better soon that you can both get some sleep!

Jami Fitch - Cumberland County SWCD said...

FANCY new layout!