02 September 2008

out to dry

I guess I didn't make myself very clear in an earlier post mentioning Governor Sarah Palin. Here's my REAL problem with her:  As a parent, I am impressed that she is a mom to five kids and is also very successful in a high-powered career. But as a parent, I can't believe the position in which she has put her family, especially her pregnant daughter. If she did know about the pregnancy before accepting the vice presidential nomination, she also knew what sort of light it would shine on her family. 

And if John McCain also knew about the pregnant daughter in advance of the vice presidential selection, as an older, wiser player on the national stage, as well as a parent himself, if he had an ounce of compassion he never would have asked Governor Palin to join him on the ticket.

Palin and McCain are not neophytes. They know what can happen if the press gets so much as a whiff of scandal. I can't believe they didn't see this coming. And if they didn't, NO ONE working on the campaign thought this might present a problem and spoke up?

It's hard enough to be a seventeen year old, without being pregnant and in the national spotlight. If Governor Palin would hang her own child out to dry, and John McCain would knowingly let her, they are not the people I want in the White House.


Burgh Baby said...

This morning I was having a discussion with a co-worker where he was saying that you can't pass judgment on the Mom because of something the kid did. I agreed, but then remembered how Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy tarnished my view of Lynn Spears. Before that, she had one kid who wasn't taking life seriously and understanding that actions have consequences. Now we know it's a family tradition. I totally judged her differently for something that is beyond her control. So, why spare Palin the same?

Anonymous said...

KIm, you didn't know anything about the daughter when you first voiced your opposition.

First, they start speculating that the governor faked her pregnancy to cover for the daughter, although Down's syndrome in a teen mother is nearly unheard of. When the daughter's pregnancy is revealed, no doubt in part to refute the earlier slime, she gets criticized for the publicity that they themselves caused.

This is a Clarence Thomas treatment. Women, like blacks, aren't allowed off the left wing reservation.

The best line I've seen is that they could've kept this out of the media if they had only thought to float the rumor that John Edwards was actually the father.

Chris (have my own account now)

Kim said...

On this point, her gender means nothing. No parent, mother OR father, should put their child in this position. And on the off chance Bristol said, "It's okay, Mom. I can take it," any parent worth their salt should have said thanks, but no.

Leno made the joke about Edwards last night.

Anonymous said...

No, my point is that a nominee like this scares the hell out of the left and they're going to try anything to slime her or, better yet, get her to withdraw. It really doesn't matter what the issue might be. If this doesn't stick, they'll try something else.