23 September 2008

a leetle wine with dinner

It was between Goats Do Roam and Three Blind Moose. I went with the moose. Goats, though cheap, are good enough for company, whereas the moose were (also plural, see, there's three of 'em) an unknown quantity. Must not have been too bad. I had an extra half glass. It went nicely with the pesto our neighbor shared. I threw in some of our home grown tomatoes, a few mushrooms sauteed in garlic oil, some dried hot red pepper and a splash of garum colatura oil. Yeah, I know that last one sounds weird. Get some and taste it. I don't even like fish with fur.

So that extra half glass seems to have left me with diminished faculties. And no doubt puts a challenge before the 'burghing blog moms, or maybe it's the blogging 'burgh moms, I dunno anymore. How much wine can they get in Kim on Sunday, and how amusing will she be? Unlike some of our other gatherings, I don't have to find my way home afterwards!


Unknown said...

Three Blind Moose is my favorite cheap-ish Chardonnay. I have never known that anyone else drinks it. When I want a nice glass of Chardonnay that is 12 or less, that's what I always buy.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

I will definitely be bringing a bottle of something on Sunday. And giving you some for entertainment purposes. :)

Burgh Baby said...

Careful about what kind of challenges you put out there . . .