01 September 2008

your lips say, "no no"

Monday is daughterday this week, since we kind of skipped over Sonday. Besides, I think there will be plenty to say about Oliver tomorrow.

Eleanor's language explosion gets more and more interesting every day. She is understanding even more than she is saying, and can follow simple directions, like putting her shoes away or going to get a particular toy. I have given up looking at my booksor comparing to Oliver's development to see if she's early or late on this. She's her own girl, doing everything at her own pace. 

She is also learning some defiance and 'tude. She was throwing her cup of milk (with a lid!) on the floor over and over. I would ask her if she wanted the cup and she would say, "No!" If I put it on the table she would reach out to get the cup back.

Today's new words included poodle and Elmo. About half an hour after CD put her to bed I heard her talking in bed, saying, "elmo, elmo, elmo." We may have created a monster with that one.

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