24 September 2008

bac(k)on the wagon

I went back to Weight Watchers yesterday. It was a rude awakening. No, not the fact that I have 32 pounds to lose. I expected that part. It was the "you get to eat 21 points a day!" part that hit me like a ton of mac and cheese. The last time I got serious about my weight I was nursing and not sitting on my ass for most of the day. 35 points a day was very, very nice. Try cutting your food intake by two fifths and let me know how your brain processes the data. This isn't gonna be pretty.

When I finished eating lunch, I had six points left. Desperate times call for desperate measures so I went for a 30 minute walk that earned another point. I have ended the day by using three of my weekly points, but all in all, it could have been much worse. I just have to keep typing and not heading for the freezer and the pint of Ben & Jerry's (made with milk from COWS, thank you very much) that seems to be calling my name.

But this is Bacon Wednesday so let's talk bacon. On Saturday I was eating things like salad with bacon and gnocchi with bacon, knowing full well my bacon days were numbered. Enter Hungry Girl. She's a smart one and must have known of my bacon loving dilemma. I give you the Hungry Girl's Guide to Bacon. She mentions about a few items we've talked about before, like bacon salt, but she reviews all the turkey bacons. While not the real thing by any stretch of the imagination, it's a reasonable substitute. And I did mention desperate times, didn't I?


+clumber said...

How would you like to be Bacon Queen for a Day?, or until your dogs catch up to you!

Jennifer said...

argh, I need to get back on the WW bandwagon myself. I KNOW it works, it's just SO HARD. 21 points??? WTF. Who makes these RULES. I'll never forget when I realized I was still eating like a pregnant woman last summer (like 30-40 points a day! OINK.) and then WWOnline announced that my limit was 21 points. That first week was rough.

Kim said...

to +clumber... My favorite Miss Piggy-ism is "Never eat anything you can't lift."

Susan said...

Good luck with the WW, Kim! I'm considering going back to the online version as well. 21 points...I wonder if I can subsist only on chocolate* and water?

*Perhaps if I choose dark chocolate it will gain me a point??!