26 September 2008

the straight poop

It's been a few days since I have given everyone "the poop" on Oliver's efforts at abandoning diapers. I am pleased, no bursting, to report the news is all good. He is wearing underpants all day and a diaper at night. He tells us when he needs to go. Everything seems to be fairly regular and normal looking.

Two breakthroughs in the last couple of days include using our first floor bathroom, and its full-sized toilet, with a potty seat insert. Until last evening he has always insisted on using a potty chair in the kids' bathroom upstairs. He just started dumping it in the toilet himself, which I had read is the first step towards getting them to use the big toilet. Apparently so.

He told me tonight that I could get another seat insert for his bathroom, after we took the other one for a test upstairs, and that I could put the potty chair in the closet until Eleanor is ready to take it for a spin, so to speak.

And perhaps the most important breakthrough is that he pooped at school for the first time.

Here ends (I hope) the chronicle of Oliver and the potty. We still have a ways to go but I think readers may safely assume no news is good news. We need to get his bedroom door to stop sticking so he can eventually make the late night potty runs by himself. He will also need pull-ups for that to be a success. He will need to make the transition to standing up to pee, too. I'm happy to declare victory for now. He was clearly ready and what a huge difference that makes.

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