22 September 2008


Bubba, our twelve year old adopted Clumber, landed himself in a bit of hot water this afternoon. Now that they are loaded with fruit, he's obsessed with the tomato plants. We have erected a number of barriers to keep him out. With his very touchy digestive system, we don't want to take any chances.

After letting him out into the backyard this afternoon, I came back in to do some work. When I realized he should have been asking to come in I went back outside, expecting to find him in the tomatoes since he has been very persistent in getting around whatever we put in his way.

His luck ran out today. He was trying a route behind the air conditioner and must have lost his balance, not surprising given his dodgy back end.

I had to climb in with him and lift him out, but getting a photo first was irresistible. Fortunately, he seems to have forgiven me.

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