01 October 2008

bacon AND sugar

With humble thanks to my friend Clumber, who writes about a certain Pittsburgh drama that I do not understand even slightly, I bring you the bacon cinnamon roll. The part that intrigues me most is that it unrolls and looks like bacon prior to baking. Well that, and the whole eating part.

And a couple of unrelated notes:

Parent night at Oliver's school was a lot more fun than last year. Instead of being talked at, we were engaged in meaningful ways and I left knowing a lot more about what he is doing. His teacher is brilliant, and not just because she solved the potty problems. He is going to have a wonderful year. Though having kids in two places is a pain, this teacher is worth it. Besides, her husband invented the emoticon. It doesn't get much cooler than that.

Baseball games should not start at 10pm on a weeknight, maybe not ever. That is all.


Karen said...

I find it very ironic that a guy created computer emotions.

Eternal Sunshine said...

Al Dente had something about the bacon cinamon roll recently. I thought it sounded pretty good.

I like to dip my bacon in pancake syrup, so why not??

Of course, we're all about the bacon in our house... LOL!