12 October 2008


I'm in DC. There are no mouths, noses, or behinds to wipe. In fact, I have no responsibilities whatsoever. I am officially off-duty until I get home Tuesday (before kid bedtimes, if the planets governing travel align). If I wanted, I could sleep all day tomorrow in this posh hotel. And it really is awfully tempting, but I think the fun of BlogHer will win out and I'll be on the metro early. 

I have been taking lots of notes for a big post when I get back. I will share that I started reading the absolute perfect book on the way down, Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires. I read the first hundred or so pages and loved the parts about going to restaurants in disguise and being treated with sub-standard service. It was all the armor I needed to steel myself for solo dining tonight. I think Ruth needs some of the thanks for the success of my evening. 

Will try to post a few live updates tomorrow.


Burgh Baby said...

Bitter. Jealous. Irritated. All adjectives that accurately describe how I feel about having to go to St. Louis when I should be there with you.

ClumberKim said...

Wishing you were here too. Trusting you'll be back by Friday. I'll be drinking, even if that requires a cab!

Trannyhead said...

WHen my hubby left for Iraq, I got very used to eating places solo. That Indian place I was telling you about? Haandi? I went there almost weekly to have their lunch buffet all by myself. I also got very good at going to afternoon movie matinees solo while Sumo was with the nanny. What's really odd is that I wasn't wondering what people thought. I just sort of did it - and enjoyed it! More naan and talk-free movie for me! Yay!

I hope you're having a blast!