14 October 2008

Ten on Tuesday

My trip to Washington by the numbers:

10 - Metro rides. Every major city should have Metro, including Pittsburgh. 
9 - Blocks walked from National Gallery to Les Halles. Considering how much I ate, I should have walked a lot more.
8 - Glasses of wine consumed over three days, with only one real dud in the bunch.
7 - Courses consumed at Vidalia, if you count the amuse bouche and cookies that came with the check.
6 - New followers on Twitter yesterday directly from BlogherDC. More today too.
5 - Lions and tigers spotted at the Zoo.
4 - Visits to Starbucks. One day I squeezed in two. New breakfast sandwiches look interesting but they were out of the turkey bacon one this morning.
3 - Flights. Ugh.
2 - Kids, sorely missed
1 - Mum, happy to be home

I still need to find time to put together the whole entry on the trip. Both restaurants deserve posts of their own. And so many new bloggers to follow! I will share all of those with you too.


jodifur said...

was the bad wine the one at the cocktail party b/c I was not a fan.

ClumberKim said...

I had the cabernet at the cocktail party. It was better than the Australian entry in the cabernet flight at Vidalia. I usually like Aussie wine but maybe I need to stick to shiraz/syrah.