07 October 2008

with friends like him...

Painful as it is, I am watching another debate. I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself. I still don't adore Obama but I'm perfectly content to cast a vote against John McCain. Each debate simply confirms this position.

There are a few things I really take issue with, well beyond McCain's excessive use of "my friend(s)". The most disappointing was when McCain kept saying, "I know how to...." or "I am gonna...." but failed to say how, exactly, each of these things was to be accomplished. Clearly it's a big secret and we only get to find out if he wins. Brilliant strategy. He's entirely absolved of needing a clue until next January.

And if McCain is carrying a big stick, what is he trying to say? Puhleese....

I can't think of a single election where my vote has been swayed by a debate. It's a pathetic case of waiting for someone to pull a Quayle, and we all watch.


Allison Says said...


You were right on plurk: it just made me angry.

Yes, McCain does have a brilliant strategy of not telling us anything.

Trannyhead said...

"The Daily Show" had a hilarious segment about how McCain was wandering around on the stage and what the hell he was doing pacing nervously. It theorized that McCain was looking for his dog.

Anyway - he's an old fart, and even worse is that Palin woman! She makes my skin crawl.