28 October 2008

NaBloPoke me in the eye with a sharp stick

After two years of doing NaBloPoMo, and surviving reasonably well, Blog365 seemed like the next logical step. Hey, I love a challenge. Okay, maybe not so much, but it didn't seem all that daunting when I started.

Here it is, day 301, and I'm still going. Just 64 more days. Piece of cake. A little thing like NaBlo really shouldn't be freaking me out, right? Right. Once again, I keep thinking I should have a few posts in the tank, just in case, yet only twice in the past 10 months have I queued up a post in advance. The odds my doing anything differently this year are somewhere between slim and none.

So what do you think? Should YOU do NaBloPoMo? Absolutely! In the words of Annie Savoy, "Total exhaustion can be spiritually fabulous."


Jennifer said...

I'm in for NaBloPoMo! I have a list of post ideas, but no actual posts written yet. heh.

Burgh Baby said...

I am so completely torn on the idea, which I know is stupid. I know I will post every day because I ALWAYS DO, but it's different when I "have" to. Last year was soooo painful . . .